Hi, I thought I would see how it feels to use this website for showing the process with my master degree project I'm currently working on at Konstfack.

By looking at the date for the publication of the previous post here, you can figure out that I'm not so much about being public. At least not here. I am a quite active Instagram user though. However, Instagram is also a good tool for being vague, I often present pictures without talking about the context or my feelings or theories behind them.

This project, Ultima Thule, a science fiction comic, marks an attempt to change a part of my art practice. Part of my idea is to open up for collaborative work, I have created a world that others can participate in. 

I think much of the inspiration for this comes from being a part of two rather big art projects in recent time; the first was Ytan, a non profit art association in Västerås (where I live), me and two friends, Dan Wid and Anna Törrönen developed an art space, organised shows, workshops, gatherings and although the hard, unpaid work almost destroyed us, we learned a lot. The other project was Ballongen - Lek på riktigt, a project started by Konstfrämjandet Västmanland (People's movement for art promotion Västmanland) and the Västerås Art museum. This was a progressive idea about promoting the lust for creation and play with kids in the area Råby in Västerås, the project took many forms over a long period of time, and I participated in different ways.

Being a part of these collaborative situations made it strange for me to go back to the isolated comicbook creation I've grown used to.

By attending Konstfack I have had the opportunity to show my work process to classmates and teatchers and I've decided that my exam project Ultima Thule will be an experiment to see if I can not only be transparent with my process but also create this scifi-world with others.